Pknight RDM ArtNet DMX 512 Lighting Controller Interface, Compact One Universe USBelf

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  • Exceptional RDM Control: The USBelf by Pknight brings you state-of-the-art RDM control, allowing for advanced manipulation of your lighting equipment. Take your lighting setup to the next level with USBelf.

  • Portable and Compact: With its compact design, USBelf is easy to carry, enabling you to control your lighting equipment no matter where you are.

  • Wide Compatibility: USBelf is versatile and compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows PC, macOS, iPadOS, iOS and Android. This ensures flexible control over your lighting devices from various devices.

  • Advanced Lighting Control:this USBelf serves as a mini DMX console, allowing you to output DMX signals for enhanced lighting control.

  • Batch and Visual Coding for Windows: Exclusively on Windows platform, USBelf supports batch coding and visual coding, offering streamlined device management and a more efficient lighting setup process.


USBelf includes a small hardware dongle and a suite of mobile and desktop applications. Together, they provide wireless DMX and RDM control as well as several other useful functions to the user's smartphone and Windows PC. In addition to its RDM capabilities, the product also serves as a mini DMX console. It allows recording of console output DMX signals and storing them in project files, which can be output to the lighting fixtures at any time. USBelf stands out for its simplicity, powerful features, and high reliability. We believe it will be your ideal choice.


The USBelf is a compact and portable device that comes equipped with a 3-pin or 5-pin DMX interface, as well as a Type-C wired interface for power supply and communication with desktop applications. It also features an antenna that allows users to connect their mobile devices to the hotspot generated by the USBelf, enabling wireless control of connected lighting fixtures. The product includes a mode indicator light, WiFi channel indicator light, WiFi channel switching button on the back panel. The wireless mode indicator light can be used in conjunction with the wireless mode WiFi channel switch button. Each time the button is pressed, it switches to a different WiFi channel, and the indicator light changes color accordingly. This feature is particularly useful in environments with many WiFi signals, allowing users to select a relatively clean communication environment by switching WiFi channels.

Software Guide


USBelf Control Software: Your gateway to fully unlocking the potential of your USBelf device, offering seamless control over advanced features like RDM, batch coding, and visual coding.

Key Features

  1. RDM Control: Effortlessly manage your lighting equipment with advanced Remote Device Management.

  2. Batch Coding: Enjoy efficient device management with our batch coding feature, available on the Windows platform.

  3. Visual Coding: Navigate coding visually and intuitively, a feature also available on the Windows platform.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The USBelf device and its control software are designed with wide-ranging compatibility. Whether you're using a Windows PC, macOS, Android, iPadOS, or even an iPhone, you can take full advantage of all the features that USBelf has to offer.

Our software provides a consistent, user-friendly interface across all these platforms, ensuring that you'll have a smooth and intuitive experience no matter what device you're using. This means you can switch between devices as needed without having to learn a new set of controls.

Experience the freedom and flexibility offered by USBelf's cross-platform compatibility.

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Pknight RDM ArtNet DMX 512 Lighting Controller Interface, Compact One Universe USBelf
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