Pknight 4-channel RDM/DMX Dimmer/Switch/relay pack EU Version

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  • Exceptional Power Versatility: Our new Pknight dimmer/relay pack with two separate 20A power lines, each controlling two channels. Together, they deliver a total of 40A output when both are active. It also supports a wide input voltage range of 90-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz and provides a strong 10A output for each channel.
  • Advanced RDM Support: Beyond manual, built-in program, and DMX512 signal controls, the dmx dimmer/switch pack takes a leap with its RDM protocol compatibility. Seamlessly modify device labels, DMX addresses, and personalities remotely when operating in DMX512 mode.
  • Simple Dimmer Mode: Adjust the brightness of each channel's fixture in our Manual Dimmer Mode. Please note: devices with a switch-mode power supply or traditional transformers can't be controlled in this mode.
  • Dynamic Chase Mode: Pick from 16 built-in programs to manage the 4 channels, changing the brightness and on/off settings of your fixtures. Set the effects' speed on a scale from 001 to 100, where 001 is the fastest and 100 is the slowest. Keep in mind, odd-numbered effects are specifically for relay functions, while even-numbered ones offer dimming effects.
  • Powerful DMX Mode: Features five DMX Personalities: 4CH-SW4, 5CH-SW4-M, 4CH-DM4, 4CH-DM-MFP, 8CH-DM4-MFP. Use them for remote control of device switches or light brightness. Caution: For devices with switch-mode power supplies or traditional transformers, always use relay control to prevent damage.
dimmer relay pack

2023 New Pknight Dimmer/Relay Pack Overview

The 2023 Pknight Dimmer/Relay Pack offers versatile lighting control with its dual 20A power lines for a total 40A output. It supports a wide 100-240 VAC input range. Key features include RDM for remote settings adjustments, a Manual Dimmer Mode, and a Chase Mode with 16 programs for varied lighting effects.

Equipped with five DMX Personalities, it allows detailed remote control, catering to various lighting needs. Designed for user-friendliness, it features an intuitive LED display and buttons, and is easily mountable on trusses or walls. This makes it ideal for both fixed and mobile lighting setups.



Advanced DMX Control Options

Our Pknight Dimmer/Relay Pack offers versatile DMX configurations for precise lighting management. Choose from multiple DMX modes, each purpose-built for specific lighting requirements.

These DMX modes enhance the functionality of your lighting arrangements for various events, ensuring reliable and customizable control for settings ranging from concert halls to private gatherings.


Enhanced Stage Dynamics

Get the best of lighting with Enhanced Stage Dynamics. Pick from 16 cool effects—odd numbers for punchy relays, even for smooth dimming. Speed? Go fast with 001 or slow down at 100, whatever suits your scene. Once you've set everything, just wait a bit. The screen changes to show you’re all set, making sure everything's just right before the lights go live. It's all about making your lighting easy and spot-on.


Optimized output Control

With our smart dimmer, you can keep your lights flicker-free and cozy. Setting the 'Min Limit' stops lights from flickering when they're dimmed too low — no more annoying flicker when you’re trying to relax! And if you dial the 'Max Limit' to 80%, your lights will shine at a cool 80% of their brightest, saving energy and making your bulbs last longer. It's like having a dimmer switch with superpowers for the perfect light anytime.


Optimized Thermal Design

Crafted with a full aluminum body, our design is both lightweight and durable. It features direct shell air convection for efficient heat dissipation. The surface may get hot under full load, but this ensures better heat release, keeping the internals cool.

How to Replace the Fuse

Safety Check: Before you begin, ensure that your Pknight dimmer is disconnected from any power source to prevent any electrical hazards. Removing the Fuse Cover: As indicated by the red rectangle in the image. Just pull the black cover to expose the fuse. Extracting the Old Fuse: Gently remove the damaged fuse from its holder. A fuse puller or a pair of needle-nose pliers can be very helpful for this step. Inspection and Purchase: Note the specifications of the required fuse, which in this case is a 10A rating, with dimensions: diameter - 5mm/0.197inch, length - 20mm/0.787inch. Purchase an appropriate replacement fuse matching these specifications. Installing the New Fuse: Insert the new fuse into the holder,and push the black cover back.

Dual Power Input and DMX Connectivity

Check out our Pknight Dimmer's handy dual power inputs, ready for anything from AC90V up to 240V. Whether you're setting up a show on local shores or taking your talents overseas, this dimmer's got you covered. Plus, with 'RDM/DMX IN' and 'RDM/DMX OUT' XLR ports, hooking up to your lighting control system is a breeze. No sweat if you need to connect more gear; these ports make daisy-chaining as easy as plugging in and powering on.

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Pknight 4-channel RDM/DMX Dimmer/Switch/relay pack EU Version
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